Lab facilities

The lab occupies an area of 150 m2 that includes 2 tissue culture rooms and 2 chemistry rooms with biological and chemical hoods. The lab is fully equipped for research in the fields of chemistry, cell biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry, molecular biology, imaging and animal research. Equipment includes microscopes, flow Cytometer, microplate readers, centrifuges, gel electrophoresis systems, Coulter Counter and thermocycler for PCR and real-time PCR reactions, gel dryers, hybridization ovens, live cell imaging (Incucyte Zoom®), Bond immunohistochemistry automated stainer and 3D printers (BioPlotter from EnvisionTech). The laboratory also has analytical HPLC, lyophilizer and 2 Rotavaps for chemical synthesis and purification.

Interdepartmental facilities

Shared interdepartmental facilities include AKTA purifier, FACS, confocal microscopes and non-invasive intravital imaging systems (fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, μCT and 7 Tesla MRI for small animals). Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) animal quarantine facilities and operating suites are available and are under the responsibility of 4 veterinarians.

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