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Principal Investigator

Photo by: Eric Sultan (Lady Globes)

Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, Ph.D.

Head, Cancer Research and Nanomedicine Laboratory

Kurt and Herman Lion Chair in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

Head of the TAU Kahn 3D Printing Initiative

lab members

Our lab is composed of a talented group of scientist, from different backgrounds of biology, chemistry, engeneering and medicine 

Ayelet Hashdi

Administrative Manager

Antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of HER2-positive cancers

Yulia Liubomirski, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow​

Elucidating the role of microenvironment-secreted cytokines in glioblastoma progression

Eilam Yeini, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Targeted nanomedicine design for melanoma brain metastasis combining BRAF inhibitors and MEK inhibitors

Shani Koshrovsky

Ph.D. Student

Investigating the mechanisms of breast cancer brain metastases

Sahar Israeli Dangoor

Ph.D. Student (direct path)​

Elucidating the role of astrocytes in neuroinflammation preceding melanoma brain metastasis

Sabina Pozzi

Ph.D. Student​

THERACAT- Bio-orthogonal catalysis for cancer therapy

Daniel Rodriguez

Ph.D. Student

Designing nano-vaccines for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Daniella Vaskovich

M.D.-Ph.D. Student

Nanotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Ron Kleiner

Ph.D. Student (direct path)

Opal Avramoff

Ph.D. Student (direct path)

Anshika Katyal

Ph.D. Student

Koren Salomon

M.Sc. Student

Anne Krinsky

M.D. Student

Adan Miari

M.Sc. Student

Dana Venkert

Undergraduate Student

Targeting P-selectin-expressing BRCA-mutated breast cancer brain metastasis with a DC-based nanovaccine and PARPi-PDL-1i sulfated-nanoparticle

Rami Khoury

MD/PhD student

Targeting primary and brain metastatic BRCA/BRAF mutated ovarian cancer with a non targeted and p selectin targeted PARPi/PD-L1 or BRAF/MEKi nanoparticle

Shir Shahar

M.Sc student

Investigating the mechanism of breast cancer brain metastases

Neta Frommer

Undergraduate Student

Shani Zauberman

Undergraduate Student

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