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Combining multidisciplinary basic, translational and clinical approaches for cancer therapy

In our lab, we invest multidisciplinary efforts to elucidate the basic molecular mechanisms responsible for cancer progression to an aggressive, metastatic, drug-resistant phenotype in order to reveal new “druggable targets” for clinical translation. To achieve this goal, we exploit a rich platform of cell lines, ex vivo 3D models and in vivo mouse models of cancer as well as fresh and archived tissue specimens obtained from fruitful collaborations with several of TAU’s affiliated hospitals. We use a range of molecular and functional techniques to identify and validate new markers and drivers of cancer progression. The newly-gained knowledge is harnessed for the design of novel clinically-relevant polymer-based diagnostic and therapeutic tools for cancer. Our vision is that our multidisciplinary approach will revolutionize our perception of tumor progression and consequently the way we diagnose and treat cancer.

3D Cancer Models
Nano-sized Therapeutic and Diagnostic Tools for Cancer
Cancer Microenvironment
3D Bioprinting

One of the seven collaborations between architects and biologists. Architectural Speculation: Urban Angiogenesis, Knafo Klimor Architects & Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro, 2016. 

“New Revelations that Will Bring a Revolution” – a lecture in tribute of Bob Marley who died of cancer (in Hebrew)

“Nano GPS for personalized theranostics” – a lecture (in Hebrew) given as a part the Tel Aviv University event on the “White Night” that took place at Tel Aviv Port. 


Our new paper in Nature Nanotechnology on melanoma vaccines is out!

Immunization with mannosylated nanovaccines and inhibition of the immune-suppressing microenvironment sensitizes melanoma to immune checkpoint modulators

August 2019 | Nature Nanotechnology | doi: 10.1038/s41565-019-0512-0
Read the full article

Challenges in the implementation of MIRIBEL criteria on nanobiomed manuscripts

July 2019 | Nature Nanotechnology 14, 627-628
Read the full article

Image-Guided Surgery Using Near-Infrared Turn-On Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Precise Detection of Tumor Margins​​

May 2018 | Theranostics (8) 13, 3437-3460 ​​
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The vaccine that will beat skin cancer
The vaccine that will beat skin cancerOctober 2019
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Watch the full interview with Prof. Satchi-Fainaro on Channel 12 news
Woman of the Year 2019
Woman of the Year 2019September 2019
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Prof. Satchi-Fainaro was selected as "Woman of the Year" in the prestegious list of "50 Influential Woman" of Lady Globes
"La Caixa" Grant
"La Caixa" GrantSeptember 2019
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The Satchi-Fainaro lab was awarded the "La Caixa" Foundation Grant together with their collaborators Prof. Maria Vicent (Valencia, Spain) and Prof. Helena Florindo (Lisbon, Portugal).
Melanoma Nanovaccines
Melanoma NanovaccinesAugust 2019
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View all media coverage on our recent publication in Nature Nanotechnology
CRS Translational Research Award
CRS Translational Research AwardJuly 2019
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Prof. Satchi-Fainaro receives the Controlled Release Society (CRS) special award on Translational Research at the annual CRS meeting in Valencia
ERC Advanced Grant
ERC Advanced GrantApril 2019
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The Satchi-Fainaro lab was awarded the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant
Our First Branching!
Our First Branching!December 2018
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Congratulation to Dr. Anna Scomparin for the new position at the University of Torino

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