Israel Researchers Print 3D Tumors Seeking Better Treatment


The mRNA Revolution

The Jerusalem Post // June 2021

Breakthrough in the battle against brain cancer

Media coverage following our Nature Communications paper // Apr 2021
Pisarevsky_Adv Ther_cover

Novel combination nanomedicine for melanoma

Media coverage following our Advanced Therapeutics paper // Sep 2020

Academia News - Investigator receives a prestigious award

ynet // June 2020

Who is in line for a heart bio-printing?

Haaretz // September 2019

The vaccine that will
beat skin cancer

Channel 12 news // October 2019

Woman of the
year 2019

Globes Magazine // September 2019

Novel nanovaccine for melanoma

Media coverage following our Nature Nanotechnology paper //
August 2019

A Multidisciplinary

News1 // February 2019

Breakthrough in the fight against pancreatic cancer

Media coverage following our Nature Communications paper //
January 2019

Prof. Rafi Carasso interviews Prof. Satchi-Fainaro

"Healthy Living" // April 2018

Turn-on probes to pinpoint cancer cells

Media coverage following our Theranostics paper // June 2018

Broadcast University -
The Naked Scientist

Galatz // February 2018

The 3D Cancer modeling is inaugurated by businessman and philanthropist Moris Kahn

January 2017

Nanomedicine - that's how you fight cancer

ynet // May 2016

50 Women of the Year 2014

Forbes Israel // August 2014

Novel combination therapy developed by Israeli scientists

Haaretz // August 2014

Will cancer be soon extinct?

ynet // June 2014

TAU scientists honored for cutting-edge proposals in melanoma research

February 2014

Grant to support development of microRNA oncology therapeutics

Market Watch // August 2013

50 women of the year 2013

Globes Magazine // June 2014

Targeted drugs to battle cancer

Tel Aviv University VOD // February 2013

Woman of the year 2012 in the field of medicine

Forbes Magazine // December 2012

Woman of the Year 2012 in the field of science

Yediot Ahronot // September 2012

50 women of the year 2012

Globes Magazine // September 2011

New meds can stop cancer by cutting off its blood supply

Media coverage following our FASEB Journal paper // August 2010

Starving the metastases

Globes Magazine // June 2009

Promising women in academy and science

Calcalist // March 2009

40 Under 40

TheMarker // September 2008

Cancer drug given new life

Harvard Gazette // February 2004

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