Development of smart nanomaterials for cancer diagnostics, theranostics and image-guided surgery

We developed a novel kind of Turn-ON probes with Near-Infrared (NIR) fluorescence mode of action. These probes were designed to fluorescently-report in real-time the presence of a certain analyte or an enzyme at a pathological site using intravital non-invasive imaging. We conjugated these probes to a drug-bearing polymer, and while they are Turned-OFF in the bloodstream following intravenous injection, they Turn-ON fluorescently at a near infrared wavelength when arriving to the tumor and releasing the drugs reporting on the (i) location of the tumor (used for diagnosis and for image-guided surgery) and (ii) drug release and activation, hence their definition as theranostic nanomedicines (therapy and diagnostics of cancer). In collaboration with the lab of Doron Shabat, a similar approach was taken for the design of chemiluminescence Turn-ON probes. This technology was licensed to Biosynth.

Theranostics Cover, Blau et al. 2017

Related publications:

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